How to produce better content with less effort (and zero emails)   

By: Chris Thompson on March 29, 2017 Categories: Corporate Communications
How To Produce Better Content With Less Effort 1

If you have an unlimited marketing budget, an overstaffed team that is begging for work, and the boss’ blessing to create massive volumes of content that doesn’t have to bring in revenue–skip this article. (By the way, are you hiring?)
But if you’re a lean, overworked and overwhelmed content marketing manager with a huge target and limited resources, here’s a way to make strategic, sticky and profitable content with the least time and effort.

Make less content – but make it your best content

Have you heard of the 80/20 principle? Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto first used it to explain that 80% of a country’s land was controlled by 20% of the population. It was later adapted by the corporate world to explain that:

-80% of the sales come from 20% of the customers

-80% of your leads, likes and comments come from 20% of your content

When you focus on your best customer, replicate your best campaign, and reinforce your most powerful message, you can create less content and get more results. Content marketing automation platforms can help you find your golden 20% and consistently, effortlessly produce it. They help you create marketing content with strategic intent.

1. Focus on your best customer 

Look at your past sales efforts and find your highest-spending customers. Then, analyze how he thinks, what he feels, and how he spends. With a CMA you can create a buyer persona to guide your creative team. Create posts to hook him in every stage of the customer buying cycle. You can even tag posts and filter your editorial calendar to view what messages you’re sending, and when.

2. Analyze and reuse your best content

Analyze your past posts and campaigns. Use your CMA to see likes, comments, shares, and bounce rates. Repeat your success. Here’s what you can do with your best content:

Repost and boost to reach a wider audience

  • -Take the most powerful messages and present in a new way: infographics, gifs, videos, quotes, landing pages, e-newsletters, e-books and more. Use the CMA to publish posts to different platforms in one click!
  • -Pull together common content in a campaign. Since content marketing automation platforms let you tag posts according to theme or persona, you can pull from your existing archive instead of starting from scratch.

3. Free people of grunt work so they can do great work

When all your content creation is done through emails and group chats, you end up with 1) 10,000 emails and 2) a lot of confusion. Teams have to backread through messages to find files, consolidate instructions or comments from different people, and double check if they’re actually working with the correct files. (Because “please see attached” is not a very helpful way of labeling, don’t you think?)

Content marketing automation ends the email threads and puts creation, collaboration and communication in one place.

How Content Marketing Automation helps managers

  • -Set tasks, and content marketing automation platform immediately sends notifications to the first person assigned. Automatically create a work-back schedule for every piece. Change a schedule, and the CMA adjusts the deadlines accordingly.
  • -All files, comments, and resources are in one place. Stakeholders can directly share ideas or comments, and you can immediately act on an idea by dragging it to the content calendar.
  • -View the content calendar by content type, persona, campaign and theme.

How Content Marketing Automation helps creators

  • -Use the editorial calendar to plot your content and your daily workload. See what’s urgent, get notified on changes in deadlines, or get inspiration from similar, successful posts.
  • -Get comments, changes and approvals from one window.
  • -Schedule content for different channels. See how each post performs for instant feedback on what works and doesn’t.

Mintent (formerly has helped many companies in many industries automate their editorial calendars to create targeted content. 

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