Ready for Launch: sharing growth news with your audience

By: Chris Thompson on August 29, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications, Healthcare
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You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel – the new piece of equipment is scheduled to arrive or the construction project for your facility has a completion date.
Now, you and your corporate communications/ marketing team can swing into full gear to spread the excitement that your administration team has for the project to your community, and to educate your stkaeholders or patients about the new and improved services available.

Get it on the calendar

The first step in your planning is to get all the essential dates, such as groundbreakings, equipment deliveries, press tours, soft openings, preview events and grand openings, on an editorial calendar in a tool like Mintent so you don’t miss a thing.

Our editorial calendar can help you see if you have any holes in your planned coverage, and you can keep organized by plugging in your planned content. Blog posts, social media and web pages all appear in different colors on the calendar to help you make sure you are covering all your bases.

Different audiences, different messages

When you are unveiling a new construction project or piece of equipment, there are several types of audiences you need to communicate with to build excitement. These can include:

  • Employees
  • Media
  • Donors
  • Existing Patients
  • Future Patients
  • Community members and leaders

With each type of audience, comes different messaging. With our Mintent tool, you can not only keep track of it all, but publish directly to your blog, social media profiles and web sites.

Get your staff on board

Your employees are the front of the line when it comes to building engagement – if they are happy, they will spread that excitement to those they encounter. They will be passionate at your public events, and give enthusiastic answers to media questions.

Here are some tips to pumping your staff up about the new addition to your facility –

  • Hard hat tours – schedule them on several different shifts so your whole crew can get a chance to see the changes that are going on at their workplace as it is happening. If it is a new piece of equipment, you can set up demos of the equipment so they can understand what it is and why it will be used. If possible, you can have employees sign a beam before it is covered in drywall. Document these events to be shared on social media with your community.
  • “Name It!” – Have a contest with all your employees to see who can come up with the best name for your new piece of equipment or a part of your expansion. Pick the top five suggestions and have employees vote on the best name. Give a gift card or basket as a reward for the winner.
  • A message from their leader – Have your administration provide an update in every employee newsletter about the progress of the project, and include something exciting that the change will bring to your organization. Use Mintent’s content management system to keep your drafts of these columns online and manage edits between you and the administrator to ensure all parties approve of the messaging.

Media and donors

Once your employees are enthused about the exciting new changes coming to your facility, it’s time to get the next group on board – those who helped pay for it – donors, if you have any. Special preview parties work well to thank those who have given generously for your expansion and new equipment.

Hard hat tours are also a great way to engage your media contacts, combined with press releases along the way to update on progress or share upcoming events. Create a content workflow in the Mintent tool to make sure drafts are automatically assigned to the next person on the team to edit when writing is complete.  You can also include your facility leaders on the workflow so they can log in and approve their quotes before press releases are sent.

Announce it to the world

Once your official grand opening or launch of new equipment is scheduled, it’s time to tell your community and patients. Some ideas for getting the word out include:

  • Construction updates via Twitter and Facebook. Photos can be shared on Pinterest and Snapchat
  • Facebook Live videos of hard hat tours
  • Blog posts highlighting the benefits of the changes, patient stories and physician Q&As
  • Web page updates about the new equipment or facility construction

Sharing your news with the community is exciting and daunting – you want to reach as big of an audience as possible without bombarding them with too much information. By setting up a campaign within Mintent, you can coordinate all your content and even track the success of each post.

When there are big changes in your organization, the task list of getting the word out can be daunting, but a tool like Mintent can make the project move along as seamlessly as possible. Sign up for a free trial today!