There’s a new marketing technology entering the martech stack, and making a name for itself: Content Marketing Platforms. Why the need for yet another marketing technology you ask? Just ask any fellow marketer who has a mile long to-do list. We have CRMs, CMSs, marketing automation, social scheduling, and more. We have lots of different ways to push content out, but nothing to help us to organize and strategize about the content that we’re feeding into all of the other platforms, and that ultimately fuels our marketing engine.

Jeff Julian, a renowned content marketing strategist, sat down with our CEO, Matt Dion to discuss the topic of marketing workflow and how Mintent can help your team perform better.

“When people hear “slow down”, they panic….We live with this “multitask, go hard, sleep when you’re dead”…attitude, so the thought of “slow down” sends shivers down managers’ spines.”  Behind this approach to faster is better, you typically find a management team that believes their work is not the same as the other assets and services the company delivers.  It’s just marketing, so get it done.  However, we know as consumers of great content assets, that the finishing touches and thinking about the whole lifecycle of a piece of content help us answer our questions with better accuracy.

“The approach is now more, “Why are you producing content? What’s the impact? What’s the purpose of it? How are you gonna know if it’s having the impact that you think it will? How are you going to measure it?”