Sample Content Marketing Workflow

By admin on October 7, 2014

With the steady rise of content marketing as a general theme and strategy in the marketing world, along have come the tools to help marketers achieve success with it. One category of those tools is content marketing workflow software, a feature set in the larger arsenal of content marketing software suites. As the conversation increases around setting up your content workflow for success, you might be wondering what a sample workflow looks like. That’s what this post is all about.
The following screenshot depicts a workflow for a blog post that consists of 5 stages: Concept, Draft, Design, Publish and Complete.

This sample workflow is for a blog post. The 5 stages take it through the initial conception of the strategy, context and instructions for the creation of the post, the actual drafting and approval of the text, the design of the post including images and clean-up and ultimately the publishing of the post and marking complete of the item.

Different content types may have different stages of workflow, and indeed other companies such as yours might set-up blog posts themselves differently, including for instance a Legal Approval or Client Approval stage.

As stages are assigned to different people who have access to those stages, workflow notifications are generated, like the below screenshot:


Once I receive this e-mail I can then click through to the item and begin the stage that I am assigned. In this case I am assigned the drafting of the post, giving a couple of different options before submitting the draft for approval.

1. I can complete the work in a standard word processing program and then attach the file in Marketing.AI using the upload system before submitting that for approval using the workflow system.

2. I can actually draft the work directly in Marketing.AI and then submit that for approval (as seen in the below screenshot).

After I’ve completed the draft, I can then submit the draft for review and approval.

And so it continues from stage to stage with reviews, requests for revisions or approvals that kick it off to the next stage for further task completion.

Different content types often have different stages and workflows, and they vary widely from company to company and industry to industry. How many stages you have and how much complexity you need to cover depends on a number of key factors:

1. The Content Type or Format

2. The Publishing Channel

3. The Number of Different Organizations or Departments Involved

4. Industry-specific Regulations Governing Published Content

5. The Severity of Making Mistakes

Does any of this sound like the workflows you are trying to solve for your content marketing? Sign-up for a free trial of Marketing.AI today and find out how easy it is to map your existing workflows to a tool that will centralize communication and get your team on the same page, while combining it with content strategy and editorial calendar tools, all to help make your content marketing life a little easier.