Sample Theme-Cycle Grid

By: Chris Thompson on October 24, 2014 Categories: Content Strategy, Corporate Communications

A Theme Cycle is a tool which is used to plot your themes against the different stages of the buyer cycle. Organizing your marketing content by theme helps to define your content by purpose and assists with the ideation process. Taking each of those themes and mapping them onto the buyer cycle shows you what areas your content currently covers, and more importantly, where you have gaps in your content. From here you can start to develop ideas for content items that will fill in those gaps, and provide a complete conversion architecture to build a relationship with your customers.

Setting up a Theme Cycle in Mintent

The first step in creating a theme cycle is to either select one of your existing themes or to create a new one under the Strategy Tab. Once you have engaged in an Ideation exercise you will begin populating your calendar with the ideas that you wish to draft into content items, selecting the theme and buyer cycle stage as you do so. As you are populating your calendar, Mintent automatically pulls your planned content items into the theme cycle. Now, all you need to do is select theme cycle from under the strategy tab, select the theme you have been working on, and you will have a breakdown of your content going through the different buyer cycle stages.

This Sample Theme Cycle shows a theme based around the New Year, which is just starting to be planned for. At a quick glance you can easily identify that there are gaps in the content dealing with the Consideration/Trial, Purchase and Loyalty/Repeat stages. You can therefore begin working on ideas that will help to fill these gaps, so that you have a full spread of content dealing with the upcoming New Year across all of the buyer cycle stages.

Reporting Functionality

In addition to its use as a planning tool, the Theme Cycle can also serve as a reporting tool. It can be used by the marketing department to show senior management how much content has been planned and created dealing with a specific theme, such as a new product that is about to be launched. In the agency setting it can be used to demonstrate to clients the purpose of content that is coming down the pipeline. The Theme Cycle is an incredibly flexible tool, especially when applying filters, which can sort your content by buyer persona, content type and target industry, as shown in the example above. 


The adaptability of the Theme Cycle is further enhanced through its customizability. We strive to provide a framework for your content marketing, as opposed to a rigid platform that must be adhered to. In keeping with this ethos the Theme Cycle can be re-configured if your company currently uses different names for your buyer cycle stages, or it has greater or fewer numbers of stages. Personas, content types, and target industry can also be customized to reflect naming conventions in your organization. Just let us know, and we will configure Mintent to how you want it to work.

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