Social Amplification Part 3 of 3 – The Power of Digital Events

By: Krista LaRiviere on March 27, 2015 Categories: Mintent, Social Media

Using digital events for social amplification marketing

Over the past few weeks, we have been focusing on using social amplification to expand the reach of your digital content strategy and grow your target audience. We have looked at what social amplification really means and how to properly use influencer marketing.

As you begin to build your social amplification and influencer campaigns, you can leverage digital events to design your campaigns around and use them as a catalyst for potential mass exposure. Digital events give users the opportunity to rally and connect online in a specific space and time. When done correctly, you can build a very loyal following who will regularly participate in your events and will naturally help you promote them further by encouraging their audience to do the same.

What are Digital Events?

Digital events are organized gatherings of people who are not in the same physical location, but rather connected through a common online space. These events are typically used to share knowledge, tips, ideas, etc., with like-minded individuals. They can be a great way to help build your brand’s authority within your industry, generate leads and increase brand awareness. Digital campaigns can also be created around offline events such as tradeshows and local community events, to increase the event’s exposure using your online network through social coverage. Digital content event marketing with social media chats

Types of Digital Events

  • Webinars/Webcast
  • Podcasts
  • Online Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Social Parties
  • Twitter Chats/Parties
  • Facebook Parties
  • Google+ Hangouts

Digital Events Management

First off, you need to decide if your event will be for existing clients, prospects or an entire target market. Next, you should clearly outline the topic(s) and agenda to be covered. Use email and social marketing tools to invite attendees. For target market events, consider using influencers to drive attendance and engagement.

What is Promotions Management?

Promotions management is using promotional items and campaigns to increase the exposure of your brand and messaging. Promotions can be used to boost engagement and exposure of both online and offline events. Remember, less is more. You do not want to over use hashtags, giveaways or promo items.

Digital Promotion Campaigns

  • promo codes
  • hashtags
  • digital giveaways

Offline Promotional Materials

  • creative swag
  • promotional collateral
  • physical giveaways

Merging Digital and Offline Promotions

Digital events can be used to promote your brand’s upcoming offline event. For instance, you can do this by mentioning booth numbers and giveaway details for tradeshows your company will be exhibiting via social media. Create digital promo images and content to promote your offline event.

On the flip side, offline collateral can also be used to help extend the reach of your digital promotional efforts. Include brand hashtags and social handles on printed collateral and promo items to deliver your social accounts to your audience by hand and create physical promotional materials to promote larger digital events, such as online conferences, regularly scheduled webinars, etc.

Leveraging Influencers for Events & Promotions

We have learned previously about social amplification, influencers and digital events. So how do we now bring it all together? You can maximize your social amplification efforts by utilizing organic and paid influencers for your digital/offline events and promotional efforts. You will need to establish a process for engaging influencers based on the strategy you have developed. Be sure to create a comprehensive outline of your campaign using event details and any promotional components. This will help inform influencers of the promotional efforts for the campaign and give them what they need to promote your digital and offline events.

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When building your outline for digital events and influencers, group together any relevant links that are supporting your campaign. In order to measure social traction and report on ROI, use a content performance tool to track all traffic and social signals for each individual piece of content within the campaign. This will include any webpages you are asking the influencers to promote, as well as any that they have created for you.

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