Customer Story: Teradata Gains Global Collaboration

By: Chris Thompson on May 3, 2016 Categories: Corporate Communications, Customer Stories

Teradata helps companies get more value from their data than any other company, allowing them to reduce costs, create agility for faster data analysis and innovation, and reduce complexity, giving organizations a sustainable competitive advantage.

When Teradata’s Marketing leadership started up an ‘internal content agency’—a global team of writers and graphic designers—the team quickly became popular with global clients. Within a few short months, emails were flooding in, projects were getting “lost,” Q,A. was suffering, and trying to manage via spreadsheets just wasn’t working.

After implementing Marketing.AI in January of 2015, they now have an integrated view of their global strategy and 17 unique B2B segments. Clients throughout the company can easily enter ideas and content requests, collaborate on development, and track progress. The global content team now works efficiently and can concentrate on producing the highest-quality content.

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