The Content Marketing Asset Library

By: Chris Thompson on May 11, 2019 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications
mintent content marketing asset library

Content Marketing Asset Library

When it comes to planning and creating marketing content, using a content marketing asset library is key. It is important to know what has already been built, what content you have on hand and where there may be any content gaps. A critical tool in facilitating this is a centralized content asset system connected to the rest of the editorial planning and workflow system. In the Mintent platform, we call this the Asset Library.


Content Marketing Asset Library

As you can see from the above screenshot, the asset library is a place to store the items and metadata that represent all kinds of marketing assets, from blog posts to images to whitepapers and so on, and to tag them appropriately to easily search and find an item and view it’s performance metrics.

Marketing Asset Library Key Features

A key feature of the asset library is the ability to attach any type of content in any format you need, from JPEGs to PDFs to HTML links and more.


A content item with multiple formats attached.

Calendar Items become Marketing Assets

Another key feature of the asset library is the many methods you can use to add items to the library. For instance, when an item is planned in the calendar and then completed through a workflow,  the master item then becomes an asset within the library by default, which means all of its related attachments also become available when you search for the item. There are also other sub-features available, such as the ability to mark a particular attachment as a “Final Version”. You can also create brand new assets directly from within the library, or add assets in bulk through the bulk upload process.

Once your assets are located in a place that is easily accessible for other contributing team members, you can view them in your browser, download them, and make them public or private. With customizable sharing settings designed to provide wider sharing across the organization or with customers/partners, you can allow stakeholders to view the item without giving access to your entire Mintent account.

Marketing Assets Become Easy-to-Find

One of the best things about having a centralized marketing asset library is that your entire team can gain easy access to the latest version of an item. That is why the Mintent asset library provides multi-dimensional filtering to drill-down into the types of assets, as well as cross-sections of strategic metadata to zero in on exactly what your users are looking for. There is also a handy natural text search function that will immediately pull in assets that match the text when you type into the search bar. This makes it easy to find assets that you may want to reference or re-use for your next campaign. It also makes it easy for your sales team to quickly find assets for each stage of the sales process sorted by buying cycle stage, persona, theme or any other strategic focus.

This just is a brief overview of the content asset management that is part of our system. For more information, book your personalized demo to see it for yourself and experience all of the features included in a content marketing platform.