The Critical Importance of Great Ideas to Content Marketing Success

By: Chris Thompson on February 25, 2015 Categories: Content Strategy, Corporate Communications

What’s the value of a great content idea when it comes to content marketing? While collaborative execution is key to turning great ideas into finished content, great ideas are the sharp swords that cut through the clutter of a crowded content marketplace.

Since the rapid adoption of content marketing across all sectors is ever growing, the need for great ideas to power your content marketing success is becoming ever more critical. Conquering marketing in the long run comes from thoughtful strategy and vision, and built out through great ideas, well executed and deployed over time. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. 

So where do great ideas for marketing content come from?

The truth is that they can come from anywhere and from anyone on the team. It’s therefore key to make it as easy as possible to inject ideas into your content marketing system – no matter where they’re from and under what situational context the thought arose.

“Why do I always get my best ideas in the shower” – Albert Einstein

When a thought strikes…

Let’s face it. We’re all so busy in our day to day that it’s tough some days to find the time for quiet reflection. Who knows therefore when the moment will strike when you get a powerful idea that synthesizes what you’ll need to fill your content gap and reach your target audience at the right stage of their journey? That’s why it’s critical to have tools that make it easy to capture those ideas in context wherever they strike.

In the Marketing.AI system there are several touchpoints for capturing those ideas:

1. Content Requests: Put the power of requests into the hands of your team members so that they can get the content they need to achieve their goals. Request forms are a great way to capture needs as they arise from your extended marketing team and feed them into a queue for processing and tracking against desired due dates. By creating a constant flow of ideas that tie directly to company goals and the objectives of your content marketing program, it will be that much easier to show the value of your collaborative efforts:

How to Do It: Ideas can be entered from the web or through the Marketing.AI mobile app. From here, the ideas will feed right into your Collaborative Workflow system.

2. Ideas: Ideas don’t come with due dates, so the Idea Bank in Marketing.AI is a place to park your ideas before you are ready to schedule them for production. Not having to commit them to a calendar allows you and your team more freedom to brainstorm and think far ahead. You never know when you might be stuck for an idea in the future and come back to your bank and find a gem that is now ready to be put in production.

How do Do It: Add ideas straight from the web or through the Marketing.AI mobile app. From your idea bank on the web, the handy ‘push to calendar’ function makes it easy to get ideas into the calendar with the click of a button, preserving the work already done.

3. Chrome Extension: What about when you are browsing the web and you get a great idea related to something you are viewing? Or you want to store a link or copy a quote? That’s what the Marketing.AI Chrome Extension is designed for. It makes it easy to add a web page link, new idea, or quote text to an Idea in your Ideas Bank in Marketing.AI straight from the browser window that you are viewing the page from. It couldn’t be easier, freeing up time to keep browsing and coming up with great ideas.

How to Do It: Download the Marketing.AI extension. Then, simply click the button that appears in your browser to get ideas straight from your browser into your Idea Bank.

4. The Editorial Calendar itself: Great ideas are well fed by context. And one of the most important contexts you can have for content marketing is the audit of what you already have and what you have planned. By viewing your calendar, filtered by strategic contexts such as Theme, Persona and Cycle Stage, and related temporally to target time frames, you can visually identify gaps and ideate specifically to how you can fill those gaps.

How to Do It: Have a look at your current Editorial Calendar and experiment with different filters. From the Calendar view, click on any day that you want to associate the target publish date with to get started. Alternatively, click on the global “Create New” button from anywhere in the Marketing.AI system to record your idea.

It’s helpful to think of ideas for great content as part of your content marketing production funnel. The more you have coming in the top, the more robust your production will be downstream.

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