The Importance of Planning Marketing Content Visually in a Calendar

By: Chris Thompson on June 16, 2014 Categories: Corporate Communications

Planning your content out visually, using Editorial Calendar Software, helps with formulating your strategy to ensure a continuous flow of engaging content which will attract and convert your ideal customers. It also lets you see the spread of content types you are going to create, so that you can provide your visitors with a variety of different media through which they can learn about your company and the solutions you provide. At a glance, you can assess the work that is due for completion over the coming weeks and months, helping you to manage your team more effectively and allocate additional resources where necessary.

Color-Coded Content Types

When you use a colour-coded editorial calendar, with different colours relating to each content type, you can clearly see the distribution of content that you have planned for creation and publishing. A surplus of one colour, indicating a glut of a single content type, is instantly recognizable from an esthetic standpoint as a problem which needs to be addressed. Your content strategy may be focused on your blog, but providing some videos, ebooks and whitepapers will help to mix things up a little and add some life and variety to your website. You can also view the spread of social media updates you are planning to promote your content, so that you can see how your various channels will be driving traffic.

Applying Visual Filters to the Editorial Calendar

By applying different filters to your calendar you can drill down further to get a greater level of detail on your content. By viewing your content by planned theme that your content has been created for you can monitor in an instant whether you are on track in the current period for your content composition goals. Your content also needs to address the information needs of each of your customer segments or buyer personas, and viewing your content plan like this will help you to adhere to your goals.

You could also filter your content by stages of the buyer cycle such as awareness, interest, purchase or support. This will help you to maintain a mix of content which attracts visitors to your website, provides them with the information they need in order to make a purchasing decision, help them to use your product, retain them as customers once they make a purchase, and eventually recommend your solution to others.

Other options include viewing your calendar by Assigned Author when you have multiple content creators working on a domain. This helps you to evaluate how much work they have on their plate and when you should be expecting their first draft for review or editing. For those managing multiple domains you can view all of your content items in aggregate or you can select one or more domains to view at a time.

Multi-Organization Editorial Calendar

For companies that need to manage multiple departments or organizations as one, the Multi-Organization Calendar lets you see all of the content across organizations, clients or departments in one calendar and then provides a filter to see only the content that applies to any one (or more) organizations in a quick, visual view.

How to Get Started

Using a visually attractive editorial calendar not only makes your work day a more pleasurable experience, it also help you plan out and execute a successful content marketing strategy, keeping you on track with your desired content mix. To find out how easy it is to get started, sign-up for a free trial today and begin accessing our training resources.