Top 3 Challenges of Content Marketing Coordination

By: Chris Thompson on July 17, 2014 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications

I read somewhere that people like to think in threes- top 3 priorities, top 3 finishers, Gold, Silver, Bronze, trilogies, etc. and so I got to work researching where I may have come across this simple concept. Turns out it’s more common than I’d originally thought, and there’s a good descriptor of the “Rule of Three” here. Since I heard this rule years ago, it’s become the way I like to organize much of my thinking, both at work and at home. If you finish your top 3 priorities, you’ll likely be most of the way down the path you want to get through.WAAACH5BAEKAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAICRAEAOw==
Which brings me to what I hear from customers every day. They want to “Get Everyone on the Same Page” in Content Marketing, and their top 3 challenges in doing so can be categorized as follows:

1. Foundation for Content Marketing

“I don’t want yet another technology tool to try to tell me how to get my content marketing work done.” We’ve all been through this at the companies we’ve worked with. Someone rolls out a new solution, and it means everyone is told they need to change how they work. “Stop using that tool, now you can do it this way in the new tool.” These programs rarely meet with long term success, not because they weren’t well intentioned, but because they didn’t take users into account. Marketing.AI meets this challenge head on by working the way our customers want to work. You have unique user profiles, your own workflow stages, your own labels for the buyer or engagement cycle, various ways of working depending on the content you create? Ask away! We’ve built the Mintent platform from the ground up to bend and flow to how our customers already work.

2. Get Working

You shouldn’t have to sit through day long training sessions to start working. Useful FAQs, help buttons, blog posts, etc. are all great support tools, but if you want your team to start working in a solution out of the gate, it should do the thinking for you. You want to add users, go for it. You want to put some content straight into your calendar, no problem. You want to build strategy, define personas, capture ideas, and easily manage who does what- it should all be easy. There are plenty of tools that take significant time and effort to setup and run, and do you really want another one? If you’d rather just get working, you can get started right now with our free 2-week trial.

3. Find Stuff

Finding stuff should be easy, right? Well, working in the current ways we all know it isn’t. Strategies are built in word documents, shared on email, sometimes put up on walls poster-size, and then after 12 months roll by, someone has to try to find the old template on their drive, or a share drive somewhere. Content assignments are similarly drafted in documents or in email, sent to internal or external authors, designers, etc. and then who has that last draft ready for legal approval, and how do we find it? It’s like the early days of MapQuest, you know, when you’d input where you wanted to go and print out the directions? If anything changed in your journey, good luck! Marketing.AI turns “Find Stuff” into “Just Know.”

If you’re ready to work your way, easily, while knowing what’s going on so you can focus on the stuff that really matters, then get started with your free, 2-week Mintent trial.