Mintent’s Top 5 Speakers at 3CMA You Can’t Miss

By: Krista LaRiviere on September 2, 2019 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Corporate Communications, Social Media
Mintent's top 3CMA speakers

The Annual City-County Communications and Marketing Association Conference (3CMA) is underway in Denver, Colorado and Team Mintent is on the ground listening, learning and evangelizing content marketing for municipalities.

From September 4th to the 6th, 450 attendees will have access to fantastic speakers from across the continent who are ready to share their stories and experience, both good and bad. Mintent has compiled a shortlist of speakers we recommend catching up with, and our reasons why.

1. Michelle Bird, Public Relations Manager, and Gregg Turnbull, Webmaster – Larimer County, CO

Do Less with More! How Small Communications Teams Can Let Go of Control Without Sacrificing Their City or County’s Reputation

Why do we like Michelle and Gregg? Two great speakers rolled into one. Michelle and Gregg have experienced the norm (small communications teams), have implemented a creative solution to increase efficiencies and accuracy and are here to tell their tale. By distributing and decentralizing content editing across the entire team, they have also created an award-winning website.

2. Carrie Lujan, Communications Manager, and Garrett Wedel, Program Specialist – City of Santa Clarita, CA

Making the Most of Your Social Media Presence

Why do we like Carrie? Carrie’s hands-on experience with social media and her willingness to share what worked and didn’t work is refreshing. Earned channels such as Facebook and Twitter represent necessary communication avenues, yet audience preferences and engagement are not under your control. Making the most of data insights and engagement is key to learning.

3. Kate Oelslager, Communications and Outreach Coordinator – New Hanover County, NC

In the Eye of the Storm, All Eyes Are On You – Effectively Communicating in an Emergency

Why do we like Kate? Most content and communications with your intended audience are planned well in advance. Kate has nailed the processes for unplanned, emergency communications. Building a team and processes to achieve this is impressive.

4. Rowena Alegría, Chief Storyteller – City and County of Denver, CO

I AM DENVER – Storytelling Project

Why do we like Rowena? Great stories are everywhere and need to be told. We love the proactiveness of adding the resource of a Chief Storyteller to the team. Focusing on listening to your audience and giving them a voice is key to a killer content and communications strategy. Rowena’s presentation and approach are truly worth the time to listen.

5. Kit Lammers, Communications Manager – City of Lakewood, CO and Kelly Ohaver, Customer Experience Manager – City of Centennial, CO

Crafting Website Content that Works for ALL Residents

Why do we like Kit and Angela? They are a dynamic duo! New websites are launched regularly. The strategic thought these two have put into ensuring the core customer experience is consistent and their content meets the needs of the audience is what sets them apart. The focus on engagement and information across all ages and abilities is challenging. This session is applicable to all attendees at 3CMA.

Marketing For Municipalities & Governments

Marketing today requires teams to be more organized and focused than ever before. The 3CMA annual conference offers a fantastic chance to stay up to date on industry news and events and learn from each other. The Mintent team can’t wait to get to Denver and attend some of these great sessions – we hope to see you there.

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