How one healthcare customer leverages the editorial calendar for collaboration and brand cohesion

By: Chris Thompson on September 5, 2016 Categories: Corporate Communications, Customer Stories
How One Healthcare Customer Leverages The Editorial Calendar For Collaboration And Brand Cohesion 1

Overcoming the challenge of a disparate content creation workflow

One of Mintent’s healthcare partners leverages the editorial calendar to streamline their creative content process. To help facilitate community engagement efforts, their marketing team is now able to collaborative on their content marketing efforts related to their brand story, the voice of the customer, and to create content experiences that make an impact.

Prior to Mintent, their efforts were silo’d. Working in silos meant the risk of overlapping on projects and mismanaging the brand message were higher. Finding and communicating in a timely manner with instant at-a-glance visibility across multiple content teams made finding the right information for project planning difficult.

Faced with disparate asset management processes across shared drives and tracking changes with no centralized approval workflow, they often spent hours email chasing and second guessing if what was being viewed was the most up-to-date version. When analyzing the market for a solution, the Creative Director and Lead Product Manager found a lot of solutions that lacked flexibility in configuration, a breadth of features that didn’t focus on the content creation and robust approval workflow options at an affordable price. This is where the team found Mintent.

With Mintent they have added data and publishing cadences that have improved content performance

Content publishing tied to strategy

The frequency in which content is published is as important as the content itself. The right tool for the job was the Mintent Editorial Calendar. Their teams are able to build a thoughtful and deliberate publishing schedule tied directly to a uniquely customized content marketing strategy. With the Mintent editorial calendar, the team is able to be thoughtful and strategic about when content is published and what type of content best speaks to their customers.

The most effective campaigns tell engaging stories that get the right content, in front of the right audiences at the right time. Using the documentation power of capturing a centralized database of relevant personas and content themes, the Mintent editorial calendar is more than just a publishing tool.

Product customization to fit their unique healthcare needs

Using the customizability power of the Mintent solution, the team is now able to accurately reflect the details of their creative briefs in automated workflows. Not having to worry who to send a draft to next depending on what type of content they’re working on, the team is able to produce more and worry less about misplaced content and overdue deadlines. They also no longer have to rely on potentially outdated documents to capture accuracy and additional details related to their key audiences, personas, content themes.

How the editorial calendar has helped: streamlined communication, no more duplicative work, and identification of new engagement opportunities

Automated channel distribution

Content gets pushed directly from Mintent into their various WordPress blogs, by a team of four key content contributors that now all have visibility into each other’s workflows. This means the team barely uses spreadsheets any more, have their content centralized, and are no longer chasing details to meet deadlines.

Pushing out messages to the public, to members, to prospects, and managing the unique workflows and details that go into perfecting the creative process can get messy. But with color coded assets and segmented calendar views for each team, they all have visibility. With improved visibility into what team is doing what, and for which persona, they’re identifying gaps and opportunities to expand their content efforts to make a wider impact. With 6 teams across the organization now using the product there’s no more duplicative work, missed announcements, or overlapping projects that conflict.

Having everything in one place, Mintent acts as our data warehouse. This makes life easier, the job easier, and our community engaged.