What To Do To Make Your Editorial Calendar Software Trial a Success

By: Chris Thompson on July 6, 2016 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications
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You’ve signed up for your trial of Mintent, but how are you going to make the most of the next 14 days so you can get some real value from the system. We have all signed up for software trials, taken a quick look around and decided to login again in a few days when we have some time to get down to business. Inevitably, work and life tend to get in the way and before you realize it a month has passed and your trial has expired without taking the opportunity to get to grips with the software. Today I am going to go through the steps you can take to increase your chances of getting engaged with Mintent to appreciate the benefits it can provide you.

1. Add Users

On of the main reasons customers use our system is to help manage their team of content creators, collaborate on creating content and develop repeatable workflow. Therefore, your first port of call should be Settings > Users, where you can add your colleagues to your account. There are no restrictions on the numbers of users you can add while on your trial so get your team in there so they can start evaluating also. Once you provide your users with their relevant roles in the workflow you can start assigning, editing and approving content items, which will help your team increase its efficiency through enhanced collaboration.

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2. Create Themes for your Content

When developing a strategy and creating content items you are going to start by identifying the themes that you are going to write about. Your themes could revolve around your product lines, campaigns, geographical areas or other ways of categorizing content that you currently use. The act of creating themes helps get you started with the ideation process and you can then begin working on your strategy. Add your themes using the themes tab while in calendar or by using the “create new” button and selecting “theme/topic”.

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3. Create some Ideas

Get your creative juices flowing by coming up with ideas for your content, assigning them a theme and filling out a quick description. This is another opportunity to get other team members involved as it increases a sense of ownership for content creation. Giving all your team access to ideas can help with brainstorming as your team can become inspired by each other’s ideas. Add ideas using the tab while in workflow or by using the “create new” button and selecting idea.

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4. Start Planning Content

Push some of your ideas into your calendar and give them due dates and target publish dates so your calendar starts to fill up. Seeing your calendar begin to populate with the content you are going to create provide an initial sense of accomplishment and acts as an incentive to continue working. Your other users will also begin to get a sense of how the content strategy is coming together and the content that will be created over the coming months. Create a content item either by clicking on the date in the calendar you want it to appear or by using the green Create New button and selecting content item.

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5. Assign Content Items to Your Team

You will have already sent invites to your team members when you added them as users, but there’s no guarantee that they will have clicked on the link to setup an account. There’s no surer way of getting them to use their trial account than by assigning them some work to carry out. Assign them an item  and they will receive a workflow notification that provides a link to login to their account and view the item they’ve been assigned.

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6. Draft Items and Submit Them For Approval

From the draft editor they can start working on the content before submitting it for approval. This is the most effective way to get buy-in from your team while on your trial. You can assign content items while in the content details screen using the assign button or by editing the author in workflows.

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7. Take your Items Through Approvals And Mark Them Complete

Once you have an item ready to start working on it, use Mintent to track it through its completion. Assign each of the stages and have each assignee click on submit once completed.

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8. (Bonus) Connect To Your Publishing Accounts

If you need any help with your trial just get in touch with us by clicking on the question mark at the top right corner of your dashboard and we will get back to you to walk you through your problem, or to do a demo for you. If you haven’t started your trial yet you can do so by signing up here.

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What are the next steps?

We want you to have the best experience with our software. Have one of our Mintent team members give you a walkthrough to your customized needs.  Schedule a Demo today.