How to Prove & Improve Content Marketing ROI


Your ROI on content can be up to 4 times greater than even your most targeted advertising campaigns!

In order to be an effective Content Marketer, you have to be able to determine which of your efforts are most successful and then optimize based on past results. It is pretty easy to see which articles got the most views or shares, but it’s a little bit harder to prove a dollar value or contribution to sales from an article or post.

This eBook you will teach you how to:

  • Evaluate your Content Marketing spend
  • Remove the guesswork from campaigns and planning
  • Base content marketing decisions on real data
  • Quantify Marketing’s contribution to sales with numbers
  • Use our simple calculation that you can use time and again to calculate your own ROI
content marketing ROI ebook

How to Prove & Improve Content Marketing ROI

An essential guide for those who want to learn how to prove the value of your Content Marketing efforts.
Get a seat at the table for strategic Sales and Marketing conversations, and get buy-in from C-suite to acquire the tools you need to turn your Marketing aspirations into reality.

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