The Key to Success for Content Marketing Teams?

Become Agile!

At the center of every effective Marketing team is a content owner who understands the business, the audience, and the team. But Content Marketing is becoming harder, and marketers struggle to rise above the noise with better quality content. The key to success (and maintaining sanity) as a Marketer in today’s world is to become Agile, and quickly.

In this two-part webinar series, Jeff Julian, Chief Executive Officer of Squared Digital, will take us through the daily challenges faced by a content owner and provide steps you can take to ensure your team has the information they need to succeed. If you are part of a marketing content team, or a content owner yourself, you will walk away with some actionable advice and tools to help you make the switch to Agile, and make your life easier!

You will walk away with:

  • Actionable advice that will allow you to work smarter, not harder & get more done
  • A new set of tools for monitoring strategy & organizing the development of content
  • Information about how to develop high-performing content at a pace that is sustainable over a long period of time


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Speaker Bios

jeff julian headshot


CEO, Squared Digital
Jeff Julian is the Chief Executive Officer for Squared Digital, a digital agency based in Kansas City, and Co-founder of Jeff has been helping companies, such as Microsoft, develop content strategies for over ten years after he launched one of the largest blogging communities, He has been a web developer since 1994, a best-selling author of a book on content management system development, and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in XML and SharePoint. Jeff has recently finished a book titled, Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for your Content Marketing Teams.