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  • How to find the leaks in your content marketing process and plug them.
  • How to break down large campaigns into simple tasks with a real deadline.
  • When are the best times to schedule social media posts.
  • To know if you’re falling behind and adjust to change.
content marketing workflow

Fix your Content Marketing Workflow

An essential guide for content professionals. Stop leaking content and money.

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Manage the Tidal Wave of Content

Don’t spill a drop

Stop the Leaks

Save money by finding the leaks in your workflow and plug them.

content marketing workflow
Don’t Let Work Go Down the Drain

Coordinate publishing to your important social media and other platforms

Keep Ideas Flowing

Enlist everyone in your organization to create ideas.

Automate what you can.

Automating content workflow eliminates the need to hire 2 or 3 more people.

Assign roles, tasks and processes.

Every company has its own way to work Create multiple custom workflows, set roles and timelines accordingly.

Set realistic priorities and deadlines.

If you have three approvers, then take that into account whenever you plan a workflow.

Fix your Content Marketing Workflow

We won’t sell your email. Promise.