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Mintent Featured Sheet

Mintent's Content Marketing Features

Mintent enables you to manage all of your campaigns, content assets, team members and due dates in one place. Stop using complicated spreadsheets and email threads to manage your content marketing process and take advantage of the many features and capabilities available to you through Mintent’s robust content marketing platform. As your content marketing strategy grows, the need to gain efficiencies and your ability to scale will likewise.

Here’s how Mintent can help you achieve success:

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  • Custom Fields: Customize your creative briefs mapped to your team’s content strategy. Leverage briefs to filter a calendar or list view by campaigns, key topics, teams, geographies, or other tags/metadata.
  • Persona Creation: Build out your audience personas to precisely target specific segments and serve them relevant content.
  • Buyer Cycle/Customer Journey: Outline and define your buyer cycle and identify how many stages your audience members move through in order to reach them at each stage. Customize the buyer cycle in line with your content strategy.



  • Idea Bank: A central place to collect, store and curate ideas before pushing them to your calendar for execution. Tag ideas for easy search, retrieval and reporting. Easily share and collaborate on ideas within your project teams.



  • Separate Calendar & List Views for Requests: Enable external team members to submit content requests based on standardized Creative Briefs for consideration and then potential promotion to the main production calendar. Effectively manage unapproved requests and active projects in separate, but accessible, calendars and lists.

Icon Calendar

Calendar or List View

  • Robust Visual Calendar View: Navigate freely to any date and filter for any given period of time using the color-coordinated calendar view.
  • Flexible, sortable list view: Easily segment, review and/or manage large volumes of content associated with a specific campaign or other related variables.
  • Global & Sub-Calendars: Sub-calendars can be assigned to regional or departmental divisions within your organization. With the ability to assign unique roles and permissions, you can manage your global team(s) with ease.
  • Unlimited Custom Content Types: Mintent enables you to add any number of content types along with custom names to match how your team prefers to work.
  • Legend View: Get a bird's eye view of the types of content you have in the calendar with an accessible and customizable legend. Drag & Drop: Easily move items around in the calendar and adjust due dates automatically.
  • Advanced Filters: Filter the calendar on multiple dimensions simultaneously, such as assigned author, workflow stage, content type, theme, persona, buyer cycle stage and more.
  • Flexible Date Range: Get a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly view of all of your marketing efforts.



  • Workflow Templates: Create pre-approved workflow templates (associated with specific Content Types) to include Working, Single or Multi-Approval Stages, Default Stage Durations, Default Owners, Default Assignees, Descriptions and Team Instructions.
  • Ad Hoc Workflow Editing: Ad hoc workflow editing enables project owners or team leaders the flexibility to add, remove or adjust stages after a project and workflow have been initiated.
  • Parallel Stages: Create and enable teams to work on project stages in parallel.
  • Assignment Creation: Workflows provide a simple and easy way to assign tasks to team members with the click of a button.
  • Approvals: Mintent workflows make it easy to submit work, approve it, or request revisions.
  • Commenting: Add comments or feedback within or during the transition between stages. All comments are time-stamped, logged and presented as a threaded conversation for easy review and auditing.
  • Notification System: As work is assigned or completed, the system will automatically notify users by email and system inbox. You can also specify notification type frequencies.
  • Locking: Lock certain elements and actions such as user role and workflow stages.


Content Management

  • Draft Editor: The Mintent draft editor has CMS-like functionality: WYSIWYG formatting tools and styling, add images in-line, embed media, edit HTML source, previews and more.
  • Attachments: Attach or link files to calendar and workflow items if your content creators and contributors prefer this over the draft editor. You can also attach any other related assets such as images for sourcing or context.


Asset Library

  • Visual Library: A visual library of all of your attachments, links and calendar items.
  • Filter and Search: Leverage the filter capabilities to search, filter all assets and enable your team to repurpose content.
  • Download to Drive: Options to view assets in your web browser or download them to a local drive.
  • Multiple Assets Types: The Mintent asset library can handle different file types such as images, links and a variety of document formats.


Publishing & Promotion

  • Multiple Direct Publishing Channels: Mintent connects with WordPress and Hootsuite.
  • Scheduling: Schedule content for publishing for a future date and time, across all time zones.



  • Content Inventory: Filter and report on your content inventory for a specific date range by content type or other relevant variables.
  • Tracked Links: Create unique, branded links for distribution and tracking of the online and offline engagement of your content.
  • Content Item Performance: Visualize the engagement of a single piece of content broken down in a single dashboard by tracked link, over time, geographically and by device type.
  • Campaign Performance Analytics: Monitor and optimize multiple content items within a campaign dashboard broken down by individual tracked link, over time, by channel, by content type, geographically and by device type.



  • WordPress: Mintent integrates with WordPress to provide an easy way to manage domains, publishing and scheduling.
  • Hootsuite: Once social content is approved through your custom workflows, schedule and publish from Mintent through to your Hootsuite account.
  • Analytics: Mintent Tracked Links help track content engagement and performance while saving character counts on social media. The system conveniently integrates these platforms into publishing and scheduling workflows.

The system conveniently integrates these platforms into publishing and scheduling workflows.

Mintent Marketing Stack

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