Move work forward with Mintent's automated workflows

If your team members are feeling stressed and disorganized, deadlines are being missed or work is getting lost, it might be time to implement automated workflow processes. Don't know where to start? We can help.

With Mintent's workflows you can:

  • Define robust custom workflows and approval processes for each different type of content you create.
  • See what everyone is working on in real-time.
  • Post and share comments or request revisions at each stage of the project lifecycle.
  • Deliver email and in-app notifications to team members when it’s their turn to create, review or approve work.
  • Pre-set and generate realistic timelines to better manage your resources.
  • Link individual project stage due dates so all deadlines are synchronized.
  • Make ad hoc workflow adjustments when unforeseen project changes arise.

Mintent gives you a bird's eye view of all the tasks your teammates are working on day-by-day, in one place. Say goodbye to those messy spreadsheets you are constantly trying to keep up to date.

Content Marketing Workflow Software

Content Marketing Workflows

Build your own robust single and dual parallel workflows

The Workflow Editor in Mintent enables authorized users to create detailed step-by-step single and dual parallel workflow templates with standard working, single approval or multi-approval stages via an easy drag and drop interface. Each workflow can be custom configured with default owners, stage durations (or SLAs), assignees/reviewers/approvers, descriptions and instructions for teammates. Default stage durations are particularly useful as when a new project is created in Mintent, you only need to specify the target due date and the workflow will automatically set start and due dates for each stage of the workflow saving. Further, linked due dates ensure all stages are synchronized as deadlines naturally shift throughout a project.

Each custom workflow can be assigned to a content type and yes, you can have multiple workflows for each content type. For example, you may want a condensed flow for short blog or social posts and a fuller workflow for long form posts where subject matter experts, legal approvals or compliance checks may be required.

Assign tasks and notify teammates

Workflows enable you to assign tasks to teammates and communicate clearly across the entire team. Each team member will get notified in-app and via email when it’s time for them to do, review or approve work, so you can hit every deadline. Threaded comments can be made within any stage or during the transition from one stage to the next.

Mintent users can filter and organize their notifications and tasks for quick recall and review of what content and tasks are overdue, due or upcoming. Say goodbye to confusing email chains, complicated spreadsheets and micromanaging!

Content Marketing workflow - Drag and Drop
Content Marketing Workflow - Dual Parallel Work

Make ad hoc workflow changes on the fly

Workflow templates are great for putting standardized processes in place, but we all know projects are destined to change. Mintent’s workflows are fully editable so you can add, remove, move or edit live workflow stages via the same editor you created your templates in.

Audit projects via Activity Logs to refine processes

All workflow activities and approvals for each Content Item are stored in an Activity Log for the Item. Team leaders can review the specifics for any given project to identify bottlenecks or gaps and then make any necessary adjustments via the Workflow Editor to improve project efficiency.


“Before Mintent I was turning away business because I was a spreadsheet slave,” said Verlee. “Now I have more time to do what I do best – cultivate clients and hire new creatives to service more accounts.”


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