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Content Performance Analytics

Arm yourself with razor sharp content engagement insights via Tracked Links

Mintent's Content Performance Analytics uses our proprietary Tracked Links technology to enable you to see and compare the performance of your content. Simply create and distribute unique links associated with your Content Items and the channels you are sharing them to in order to identify/optimize your best channels and messaging, prove marketing contribution to ROI and start seeing results like never before.

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Did you know at least 67% of the customer’s journey occurs while consuming off-site content, and in some cases, it is as high as 90%?*

*According to Sirius Decisions & Forrester Research


Inbound, Outbound and Conversion Links

Choose from three types of links designed to help track the performance of content you’ve shared via external channels (i.e. social, paid, partner websites or offline), content you link to from other content (i.e. a link within a blog post to another post or web page) or specific conversion points within your Web presence (i.e. submit buttons, thank you pages). Using these three types of links, you can start to understand your buyers’ behaviour and throughout their journey.

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Real time measurement of engagement

Stop wondering which content, channels or regions are driving engagement and conversion. Mintent's Tracked Links technology shows you metrics for all of your on and off-site engagement by Campaign, by Link, by Channel, by Content Type, by Geography and by Device Type.

Branded Short URLs

Choose to use the Mintent domain (mintent.id) or any of your own custom domains to provide a consistent brand experience. In either case, your URLs are protected for life.

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Campaign and Channel Tags

Tracked links are tagged by Campaign and Channel, as defined in your Mintent Creative Brief, thereby enabling you to gather metrics on multiple pieces of content within a campaign and shared across multiple channels.

Influencer Marketing Analytics

One specific application of Tracked Links is to have your influencers use unique links in all of their posts. This way you’ll be able to see the exact impact each influencer is having in each channel and their true effect on your campaigns. Adapt your efforts based on results and finally measure influencer marketing ROI with accuracy.

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