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Mintent integrations act as connectors between your different components and platforms used as part of your content marketing workflow. Manage the workflow for all content development in one place, before delivering it to the appropriate integrated channel.

Understand how all of your content, across integrated platforms, plays into your strategy and performs across the entire customer journey. Our integrations enable you to pull in the data from integrated platforms, so you can derive holistic insights about your content marketing efforts.

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Key Features



Mintent’s integration with Hootsuite allows for all your social content workflows and approvals to take place prior to publishing through Hootsuite. Schedule and publish posts directly within Mintent and include our Content Performance Analytics in your social posts.


Mintent integrates with WordPress, to provide an easy way to manage domains and user accounts as well as publishing and scheduling via Mintent workflows.


Native Social Channels

Connect multiple social media platforms and manage user accounts in a secure way. Make use of Mintent’s built-in workflow and publishing templates before publishing directly from Mintent. We integrate with Hootsuite (through which content can be scheduled/published to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram) and natively with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Link Shortening & Tracking

Mintent Tracked Links help track content engagement and performance while saving character counts on social media. The system conveniently integrates these platforms into publishing and scheduling workflows.


Find Out More

Download the CMP Evaluator’s Guide, or book a demo to see our integrations for yourself!