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Mintent Trackable Links

Arm yourself with razor sharp conversion insights

Trackable Links are smart URLs which enable you to see your buyer’s entire digital journey. By using Trackable Links, you will be leveraging content tags, cookies and conversion paths for all of your content- both on and offline. This empowers you to view detailed engagement and conversion analytics which will allow you to identify your best channels and messaging, prove marketing contribution to ROI, and start seeing results like never before.

Did you know that at least 67% of the customer’s journey occurs while consuming off-site content, and in some cases, it is a high as 90%?*

*According to Sirius Decisions & Forrester Research


Real time measurement on engagement

Stop wondering which content, channels, and influencers are driving conversions. Mintent Trackable Links will show you metrics for all of your on and off-site engagement.

Shortened Vanity URLs

Choose to use the Mintent domain ( or any of your own custom domains to provide a consistent brand experience. In either case, your URLs are protected for life.

Influencer Marketing Analytics

You’ll be able to see how influencer content is performing in search, and the exact impact that each channel is truly having on your campaign. Adapt your efforts based on results and finally measure influencer marketing ROI with accuracy.

Content Tags and Taxonomy

Trackable Links enable you to create an unlimited amount of customizable content tags and taxonomies, which enable you to tailor the metrics you use to measure your content’s performance and derive insights that are aligned with your team’s goals.

Keyword Optimization

Trackable Links have a real-time keyword analysis engine, which scans the subject content and provides analysis and relevant keywords based on context and search volume. If you’ve already published your content, you can still use the tool to optimize and discover optimal search keywords for further promotion.

Conversion Paths

Set up step-by-step conversion paths to monitor, report on and optimize your customer’s journey. Within each conversion path, you will gain insight into how the customer is engaging with your calls to action, where they may be dropping off, and how they ultimately arrived at the end goal.

Dashboards & Reporting

Generate custom reports which reflect the metrics that matter most to you. Using our white-label feature, digital agencies can brand all reports using their own logo.

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