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How Fareportal started planning content mapped to a sound strategy.

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“Our process was very complicated and near-sighted before. It wasn’t as visually simple as it could have been.”

- Dave Odegard, Content Strategist

The Challenge

Fareportal is an online travel agency, which maintains partnerships with airlines, hotels and car rental companies to resell their services. The reason why customers would choose Fareportal over its competitors, or over booking directly through the airline or hotel, is because Fareportal is the only online travel agency (OTA), that provides dedicated 24/7 phone support.

Some of the challenges Fareportal faced before using Mintent were primarily related to time management. With in-house and out-of-house contractors all working on different projects, it became difficult to manage them all using spreadsheets. Items were getting lost and deadlines were being missed. Version control also became pretty messy. Once we were able to create and upload content to a single source, everyone gained visibility into what was coming down the pipe, and who was working on what. Our process was very complicated and near-sighted before. It wasn’t as visually simple as it could have been.

The Results

“Mintent saved us a ton of time. Before Mintent, we were using spreadsheets and publishing about 40 posts per month across our two blogs. Since we’ve adopted Mintent, we now publish about 70 posts per month. We’re able to produce a higher quantity of content, in the same amount of time, in a much more efficient way. We’re also scheduling posts so much further in advance. Before, we’d be (at most) about a month ahead of planning. Now, we’re at least 2 months ahead at all times. It also makes recycling high-value content, reporting and content audits super easy.”- Dave Odegard, Content Strategist

“We love the customization of the calendar. Being able to see everything in a calendar view makes it so accessible to the whole team. Everyone can see what they have to get done each day. The ability to add fields and views and see how many posts we have from each writer along which theme each corresponds to is essential for us. We now have so much insight into all of our different content types and which audience they are for. For me, that is the greatest appeal of the app, the calendar view with customization, so you can focus and balance out workload.” Morlette Cowan, Content & Creative Director

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