Mintent Case Study with Laurentian University:

Improving Search Results for
University Programs on the Web

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“Mintent’s SEO platform helped us quickly identify the right keywords and content we needed to focus on in order to improve our site’s authority, our organic search traffic and make adjustments for the future. Mintent is a key tool in ensuring our content evolves in step with the needs of our students.”

- JP Rains, Director of Digital, Laurentian University

Laurentian University came to Mintent with the knowledge that SEO was important, but they did not know if they were using it properly. We sat down with JP Rains, Director of Digital Strategy, at Laurentian to discuss their experience

The Problem

He explained by using Google Analytics alone, Laurentian could see the bulk of their website’s traffic (67%) was coming from organic searches. However, 95% of the keywords used in that organic search traffic were unknown. He wanted to know which keywords his customers were using and how he could shape their content to align with their customer’s search terms . He understood that he needed to shape his content to fit the student’s journey, rather than trying to change the student to fit their process.

Laurentian is not alone in asking these questions. Marketers and communicators across many different higher education organizations aren’t leveraging data for content planning. As Laurentian University recently underwent a redesign of their website and had invested funds into rewriting many pages, they needed to really start tracking the impact of their content investment.

Laurentian’s Core SEO Problems:
  • Poor use of headings on program web pages
  • Lack of non-branded high search volume keyword
  • Very few images contributing to SEO
  • Limited ability to support decentralized content authors
  • No SEO tools to discover keyword or content opportunities

The Solution

They needed to find a tool which would tell them how their existing keywords/pages were ranking, which keywords they should be adding, which pieces of content they had some degree of authority for, and how they ranked versus their competitors. A major challenge was finding such a tool at a price point they could aord with a modest higher education budget. They chose Mintent because it was an aordable solution, which included all of the features they were looking for including.

  • Keyword Ranking
  • Keyword & Content Discovery
  • Competitor Discovery and Analysis
  • Google Analytics and Search Console integration
  • Support on how to optimize the use of the tool
  • Access to SEO experts (shout out to Jeff Riddall!)

Mintent SEO tool: Measuring Page Ran

Laurentian used Mintent and their newly acquired knowledge of SEO to:
  • Hire an external consultant with expertise in web
  • Rewrite 120 program overviews in 60 days
  • Leverage previously untapped keywords
  • Use headings within body content properly
  • Add images with alt tags matching primary keywords
  • Identify primary competitors by academic program
  • Monitor progress and adjust as needed

The Results

  • average increase to program page entrances

  • average increase to program page traffic

  • now rank their programs in #1 position nationally

  • in median search position for all programs (up from 10th)

Read Case Study

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