YMCA Uses Mintent Tracked
Links To Follow Engagement

Using Mintent Tracked Links to analyze
multi-channel campaign engagement & results

Project Info

Together Digital Giants and Mintent worked with the Calgary YMCA to promote the opening of two new childcare centres: the Quarry Park Child Development Centre and the brand new Remington YMCA Child Development Centre.


  • Raise awareness of the new centres
  • Drive more traffic to the website and encourage visitors to sign up for a tour
  • Increase enrolment
  • Educate about the “Play to Learn” Curriculum

How We Got There

Digital Giants developed a multi-channel online marketing strategy focused on leveraging online social media influencers, creating informative content shared across multiple channels to drive leads through to the website. This was a short, one-month campaign.

Tasks Involved In The Campaign


Digital Giants Developed content assets to help inform and educate the audience about the new centres and the YMCA’s “Play to Learn” Curriculum, including videos and a blog. Leveraged existing photos to help illustrate key benefits to the audience.

Website and Landing Pages:

Updated the website landing page and created a series of campaign specific landing pages to improve conversion. Landing pages were updated throughout the campaign using data-driven insights from each channel.

SEO and Keywords:

Conducted research on keywords to use for the content and the online advertising. Leveraged backlinking opportunities through influencer blog posts.

Influencer Campaign:

Worked with local influencers to write content-rich blog posts. Each influencer was given a set of unique URLs (Tracked Links by Mintent) to use within their blog posts, as well as links to the blog posts, themselves to distribute via their social media channels. These smart URLs enabled the agency to track the effectiveness of each influencer (refer to image A) and each of their channels in driving traffic, as well as conversion on the website and landing pages. Without the use of Tracked Links, this data would not have been available to them.

campaign link data

Image A: Engagement by Tracked Links

Paid Social Campaigns: Digital Giants created advertising campaigns for Facebook, Google Grants, and Google Adwords. Tracked Links were used across all advertising in order to track the effectiveness of each of the ads in terms of driving traffic and conversions.

click data pie charts

Image B: Engagement by Channels

Social Media: Created an editorial campaign to drive traffic to the website. Used Tracked Links to track each piece of content and each channel to better understand which pieces of content shared to which social channels were driving track and conversion on the website. (refer to image B)

click data

Image C: Content Engagement Timeline

Campaign Measurement: Using Tracked Links enabled the agency to track on-site, and more importantly, off-site content engagement metrics with infinite levels of tagging for detailed, segmented reporting.


Two days after launch, the team poured through the results and were able to optimize conversion components with real-time engagement data

conversion path funnel

Image D: Facebook Paid Landing Page A

The Results

  • 10% Website Traffic Increase
  • 31% Pageview Increase
  • Potential ROI of 26% based on completed registrations


The launch of the enrollment strategy has enabled the Calgary YMCA to see an increase in brand awareness and qualified leads for its new centres.

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