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Building the Business Case for Mintent

Trying to convince your boss that you need a better way to manage your marketing team’s initiatives? Mintent can help. Use our proven metrics to demonstrate the value of a Content Management Platform and start marketing with intent.

How can Mintent generate more ROI for your team?

5 people @ $50K each
= $250,000/ year

Variable Marketing Budget:
$350,000/ year

Fixed Marketing Technology
Platforms: $30,000

Big Pay Back

Given your company’s hefty investment in Marketing, conversions are likely worth a lot to you. So, how do you get more of them?

For an investment of $6,000 per year (based on 5 users at $100), your team is proven to become 20-35% more productive. With this increase in output, your team will realize a value of $50,000, which is a return on investment of 733%!

How? With More Targeted Content

Using Mintent, you can easily align every content asset to a clear persona, buyer cycle stage, campaign and theme, and you can publish content that is relevant to each set of eyes consuming it- meaning that this focused content is being served to the right audience at the right time, increasing their likelihood to convert. Now that you know your team’s contribution to sales and ROI, it’s time to identify where you can improve upon it. By solving for the common marketing pain points listed above, you have the ability to produce up to 35% more content!

With Mintent You Can…

  • Become more efficient
  • Stop managing content using complicated spreadsheets and long confusing email chains
  • Remove Bottlenecks and communication mishaps
  • Improve marketing team visibility
  • Experience improved tracking & reporting

Cost of Not Using a Content Management Platform

Traditional methods of managing marketing content can include spreadsheets and email chains. Here are some of the unexpected costs that can arise from managing content in this ad hoc way:

  • Costs associated with missing, unused, or duplicated content
  • Bottlenecks arising from inefficient approval workflows
  • Risks and sunk costs associated with pushing out content at inopportune times, damaging your reputation (here’s a good example of that!)

If you’d like us to build you a custom business case to present to your boss based on your team’s unique needs – please contact us at

Stop wasting your time with stressful, tedious, task-based work, and focus on what really matters. Start marketing with intent.