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Integrated Marketing

Your target audience is no longer a “captive and passive receiver” of the messages your marketing team sends via mass media and traditional marketing channels. Thanks to advances in digital marketing, your audience now encounters your brand online across multiple touch points, and in different contexts. Online, your audience has the power to filter it what they don't want to see, and shape the experience that is most useful to them. Offline channels can simply be ignored.

When it comes to time-sensitive campaigns, you can’t afford to lose interest or leads. You want to be sure that the message delivered is timely, relevant, and consistent, no matter where it is encountered. Mintent leverages deep SEO, digital and traditional marketing expertise to build out multi-channel marketing campaigns focused on shaping and delivering the most powerful key messages to your target audience. We help brands and agencies deliver personalized messaging through media channels where your audience is spending their time and attention.

Through robust data analytics, we are able to continuously refine and optimize messaging to ensure that your audience is seeing the right messaging at exactly the right stage in their customer journey. Our audience-focused integrated marketing campaigns work because they are centered on:

  • Focused and targeted messaging
  • Key audience profiling and segmentation
  • Strategic channel identification
  • Utilization of Mintent software for proprietary data insights for message refinement
  • Maintaining cohesion and message consistency across all channels

Let’s Work Together

Every member of our team has a deep understanding of digital marketing and works closely with one another towards one goal—to help grow your business. With our industry knowledge, assets and collaboration, we can help increase discoverability, leads and ultimately conversions. Contact us today to find out where you stack up against your competition within the digital landscape.

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