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Social Media Strategies

Mintent's social media specialists will provide your business with a unique blend of brand journalism and multimedia storytelling to create meaningful engagement with your customers, across multiple platforms.

Social Media Strategy

We develop a targeted social media strategy that will define realistic social media goals and objectives to align with your business objectives. The strategy will focus on using relevant platforms and posting engaging and targeted content to connect you with existing and new customers.

The strategy will include:

  • Persona development
  • Defining social media tone & voice
  • Tactical plan with action items, metrics, and measurable outcomes
  • Community Management
  • Mintent social media specialists act as your company’s social representative. In this role, Mintent will actively monitor your social media accounts and engage with your audience to ensure high response ratings are maintained, which in turn assists in extending the reach of your posts.

    Social Content Calendar

    Creating a social media editorial calendar within Mintent's powerful content marketing platform will help to organize and curate content to align with strategic goals. Using a social media content calendar is a critical way to ensure there is a steady cadence of content for posting and engagement occurring across your social media accounts. Mintent factors in intelligence about your industry, seasonal factors, special events, as well as social media posting frequency best practices in order to develop the optimal social posting cadence for your organization's goals.

    Mintent social media specialists publish and schedule posts on each social media platform according to the defined Social Media Tactical Plan. Additionally, this will include posting of ads, boosting / like campaigns and other implementation as related to paid advertising strategies.

    Paid Search Advertising

    Social media channels are increasingly becoming “pay-to-play”. In order to reach and engage with your target audience, you will often need to start using them as advertising platforms by boosting your posts to see greater success.

    From advertising copy to graphics to audience targeting, our team will create engaging ads that will show a return on your investment.

    We will never guess or gamble with your advertising budget. We make decisions based on the performance data of your campaigns, or, if your business is new to paid social campaigns, we will use benchmarking from other client engagements and data from advertisers in your space. We will also use  A/B and split testing to optimize your campaigns and solidify the best audience response.

Let’s Work Together

Every member of our team has a deep understanding of digital marketing and works closely with one another towards one goal—to help grow your business. With our industry knowledge, assets and collaboration, we can help increase discoverability, leads and ultimately conversions. Contact us today to find out where you stack up against your competition within the digital landscape.

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