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Scaling Content Management Workflow for USACS

For many years, content marketing director Russell Simon managed his editorial calendar with his head, his notebook, and Google docs. “I did 90% of the writing, so I didn’t need to know what the others were doing.”

But in 2015, the company he worked for became a founding partner of US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), which has become a leading physician-owned provider of acute care hospital management as well as emergency medicine and hospitalist jobs for physicians.

USACS is a huge success. Its unique “physician-owned model” won the commitment of other clinicians. In just two years, it has grown rapidly to serve nearly six million patients in 21 states. Every five seconds, somebody in the United States receives critical care from a USACS clinician.

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“It was intuitive for me. It was designed in the same way that I think about content in the pipeline. It has made it easier to plan posts and push them out to social media.”
– Russel Simon, Content Marketing Director, US Acute Care Solutions

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The Challenge

Dynamic company. Larger market. More complex communication campaigns and workflows. “It was getting too big to handle in my head and notebook.” says Simon.


“I wanted a shared editorial calendar that gave my boss perfect visibility on what was in the pipeline.”


USACS served two audiences: internal stakeholders, and
hospitals and physicians that it hoped to recruit. Each of them had their own content cocktail of email blasts, blog posts, case studies, social media.


“We are heavily reliant on physician expertise, so we have to make sure that we’re working on content well ahead of time to keep the pipeline full.” Once an article comes in, it needs to be pushed to a design, web, and social media team.

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The Solution

Simon researched solutions and began using Mintent in January 2017. “It was intuitive for me. It was designed in the same way that I think about content in the pipeline. It has made it easier to plan posts and push them out to social media.” He was also pleasantly surprised by other “small but oddly significant features.”


“I would never have known what percentage of our output was
directed to business development or recruiting vs. our internal stakeholders.” Mintent was able to break it down into percentages, which Simon presented to his boss during a quarterly report. This allowed USACS to strategically adjust its content marketing efforts.


It allows content creators to write, edit and view the latest draft–any time, anywhere. In his experience, a web-based drafting solution eliminates the risk of people working on outdated files or accidentally publishing the wrong file.


A small chat button at the bottom of the screen enables
him to reach out if there are questions or technical concerns. “Mintent support is quick to respond to technical issues and closes the loop when it is resolved. Good job on that.”

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The Result

Simon says that Mintent has saved him time and has helped prevent confusion and delays. He also believes that other companies similar to his can benefit from an automated content marketing tool like Mintent.
“Mintent helps companies get organized under the strain of geographically disparate teams, large swathes of content, and multiple writers.”

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