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Drive your 2019 Content Marketing Strategy with Mintent’s SEO Insights

With the knowledge marketing is becoming increasingly challenging, we’ve made some significant advancements to our content marketing platform. Mintent and gShift have joined forces to provide customers with a complete SEO software and content engagement analytics platform. Join us for a 20-minute webinar on Thursday, Dec 13th at 10am PST/1pm EST, with our VP Product, Jeff Riddall and our CEO, Matt Dion, and learn how keyword and competitive insights from SEO can drive your content marketing strategy in 2019.

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The Key to Success for Content Marketing Teams? Become Agile!

December 12th & 19th (10am PST/1pm EST): Content Marketing is becoming harder, and marketers struggle to rise above the noise with better quality content. The key to success (and maintaining sanity) as a Marketer is to become Agile. Our speakers, Jeff Julian (renowned speaker, author, and Agile marketing evangelist), and Matt Dion, Mintent CEO, will show you how to develop high-performing content at a pace that is sustainable over a long period of time, and help you and your team to make the switch to Agile marketing.


Creating Connected Experiences with a Strategy for Context

August 16th (1pm EST/10 am PST): As more and more content bombards B2B buyers, less of it gets their attention. This is not because there’s too much content, but rather because it’s not seen as relevant. We’ve actually numbed our audiences with content that disappoints because it fails to resonate. To be successful as marketers, we need to change our approach. Applying context can change wallflower content into the star of the show—to create connected experiences and increase contribution to revenue.


Playing to win with intelligent content

July 21st (10am PST/1pm EST): A major challenge that content marketers face is being able to create quality topical and evergreen content at scale. Using examples from major companies across a variety of industries, our speakers, Noz Urbina(renowned speaker, author, content strategist and blogger), and Matt Dion, Mintent CEO, will illustrate how intelligent content can bridge the divide between the latest, ‘hot’ topics, and content that outlives the rest by being useful for audiences over long periods of time.


Agile Marketing 101: Market faster & smarter. Get more done.

July 5th (10am PST/1pm EST): In an increasingly crowded marketplace, marketers are struggling to rise above the noise with better quality content, and more of it. With multiple campaigns, a myriad of content assets at different stages in the workflow cycle, globally distributed teams, and ramped targets it’s no wonder content marketers are feeling the burn.
In this 45-minute webinar you’ll hear from Andrea Fryrear and Matt Dion about how you can use Agile marketing methodologies to set yourself free.


3 Creative Ways Marketers Can Enable Sales Teams Across Regions

June 1st (10am PST/1pm EST): Join Mintent and Pam Didner, Global Content Marketing and B2B Marketing consultant, author, and renowned speaker for this free webinar which will help you look at your inbound and outbound marketing communications holistically and identify ways to scale marketing support across regions to your sales teams. Register now and learn from Pam about how you can create a successful global marketing plan that meets your global sales teams’ local needs. You don’t want to miss this!


Use Content to Drive a Successful Post-Sale Customer Experience

April 20th (10am PST/1pm EST): Join Mintent and Peg Miller, Co-Founder of B2B Marketing Academy and renowned Content Marketing thought-leader, for this free webinar which will show you how to develop a focused, post-sale content strategy to drive consistently excellent customer experiences throughout the entire funnel. We’ll show you how to build a customer experience map to drive your content strategy, use your content to support your upsell and renewal process, and turn customers into advocates & referrals.


Know Your Persona’s Entire Buying Experience to Unlock Marketing ROI

March 2nd (10am PST/1pm EST): Join Mintent and Adele Revella, renowned author, thought leader, and CEO of Buyer Persona Institute, for this free webinar which will show you how to gain insight into what matters to real buyers. With her unique approach, you’ll have the knowledge you need to align your marketing decisions — from positioning and messaging through content marketing and sales enablement – with your buyer’s most essential expectations.


Level Up in 2018 with a Documented Content Strategy!

February 16th (10am PST/1pm EST): According to CMI/MarketingProfs research, marketers with a properly documented strategy are more effective, less overwhelmed, and able to justify a higher percentage of their marketing budget to be spent on content. Join Mintent and Kelly Hungerford, renowned content marketing consultant and public speaker, for this free, hands-on webinar that will give you the tools you need to create your own, documented content marketing strategy right away.


Structured Content- A Marketer’s Secret Weapon

January 12th (10am PST/1pm EST): By creating digital content that is super flexible, searchable, and reusable, marketers are discovering that they can more easily scale their content marketing efforts.
Structured content is a methodology that enables customers to find your content more easily online, and allows your team to redeploy it more efficiently into multiple formats and media types. During this webinar hosted by the AMA, Joe Pairman and Matt Dion will show you how to use structured content in your marketing arsenal.