Put the Zen Back into Your
Content Management Workflow


  • Focus on high-impact tasks.
  • Calm your processes.
  • Make it easy for you and your team to make quality work.
  • Channel your energy into your most high-impact campaigns.
  • Manifest a culture of creativity.
  • Meditate on successes.
  • Use analytics to know what works.


Zen and the Art of Content Marketing.

An essential guide for frantic content marketing professionals seeking content Zen. Breathe.

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Find Content Marketing Serenity


Cleanse your to do list

40% of your time is spent on tasks that don’t directly build revenue. Find and eliminate your 5 biggest time wasters.

Go with the (work)flow

There’s a Zen proverb: “Let go, or be dragged.” Release the details, meetings and emails into an automated workflow.

Market with intent

When mind and action are separate, Zen is lost. Keep your strategy and content in synch with an editorial content in synch with an editorial calendar.

Empower your team

Clear deadlines and directions, efficient structures, and daily collaboration create the environment to do their best work.

Refine your strategy

Your most important role as content manager is to understand the market. Discover what captures their attention.

Magnify your message

Tell your brand story across different stages of your buying cycle. Make your customers feel that your product simplifies their life.