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How to Write Content for Mobile- First Indexing

Google’s big move to mobile is finally here — and no, we’re not talking about a new Pixel smartphone. The company recently announced it was going to begin migrating sites that follow best practices for mobile-first indexing, a decision that [...]

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8 Ways to Get More Out of Your Content

Curating creative content on the regular can be exhausting — especially when you're not yet seeing any return from your efforts. You work tirelessly to engage customers through your website, your marketing emails and your company's social media channels. Despite [...]

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3 Ways Content Marketing is Evolving in 2018 and Beyond

Content marketing is changing at breakneck speed. As each new technology and Internet trend emerges, this increasingly important arm of digital marketing evolves into something slightly different. To ensure that your content marketing strategy is up to the task in an [...]

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What to look for in a Content Marketing Platform

The content marketing software market is expected to grow to more than $32.3 billion in 2018. Hailed as one of the fastest-growing sectors of high tech, how does a marketing team like yours begin to incorporate content planning into your new [...]

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Using Content to Drive a Successful Post-Sale Customer Experience

Recently, we hosted a webinar with Peg Miller, a renowned B2B Marketing practitioner, speaker and author. Peg currently leads the full-funnel content strategy at Xactly Corporation, a market leader in sales performance management and employee engagement. Peg has led marketing teams [...]

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Company to Handle Your SEO

Search engine optimization is a space that is constantly evolving and changing to meet the guidelines and practices set forth by the search engines themselves. To ensure that your SEO efforts are effective and up-to-date, hiring an SEO company could be your best [...]

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Big Announcement from Mintent!

[embed][/embed] Today, we're very excited to announce that Mintent is now offering a free version of our content marketing tool to allow access for all marketers, no matter the size of their organization. We believe that every marketer should have access [...]

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5 Quick Wins for Improving Customer Experience

Whether you’re an e-commerce site or a brick-and-mortar store, you need to focus on improving the customer experience if you want to keep them coming back. Customer experience (CX) has become a bit of a buzz word these days, with 89 [...]

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5 Copywriting Tips to Convert Leads

Converting new leads on a website is just as much about copy as it is design. A visually compelling, easy-to-use website draws visitors in, but unique selling points and strategic messaging seals the deal. If you're looking to increase the [...]

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Mintent Review: Market Like You Mean It

Our friends at CoSpot wrote this in-depth and informative review of our software recently. We wanted to share it with our own audience because it's a great way to see first hand the value that other marketing teams have been [...]

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