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Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Structured Data

As search engines continue to become increasingly sophisticated in their data retention, the need for content marketing strategies to adapt has never been more evident. Welcome to the world of structured data. You’ve probably run into this term before and [...]

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How Customer Reviews Can Help Your Content Convert

If you are a film buff, you probably remember the Chicago critic duo of Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert who essentially birthed modern movie reviews in the 1970s. If not, there’s a good chance you’ve at least come across their [...]

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How Customers Can Help Create Content That Converts

When it comes to creating great content, the customer is always right. It's time to start focusing your efforts on customer-created content. Think about it. There’s really no better way of gauging what kind of topics you should be putting [...]

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How to Successfully Repackage Your Existing Content

Believe it or not, your best content doesn’t always have to be brand new. Crazy, right? As content marketers, we’re often led to believe we have to pump out as many fresh posts as possible to maintain visibility. While it’s [...]

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How to Use Blog Comments to Your Advantage

Having a blog is one of the best things you can do to generate traction for your content marketing campaign — even though it’s not always the easiest to maintain. Having a great topic and slapping some SEO on top [...]

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5 Ways to Evaluate Blog Engagement with Google Analytics

Despite what surface-level wisdom might lead you to believe, operating and maintaining a blog is much more a science than an art. While there’s certainly a creative aspect to writing blog posts, content marketers know the many metrics that need [...]

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The Countdown is on…Unbounce CTA Conference 2018!

Over here at Mintent, we are getting pumped for 2018's Unbounce Call to Action Conference!  This event is something we look forward to every summer. Since getting it's start just 5 years ago, CTA Unbounce Conference has become one of the [...]

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How to Write the Perfect Meta Description for your Blog

Back in May, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed the tech titan had reverted its meta description lengths back to more or less what they were prior to their December 2017 change. The reversion came as a surprise to many who were [...]

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Why You Need to Visualize Your Content Marketing Strategy

Visual cues have always resonated in a way that words on a black and white spreadsheet quite simply cannot. Offering a visual aid has a significant impact on the retention and recall of new information. This is just as true [...]

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How to Write Content for Mobile- First Indexing

Google’s big move to mobile is finally here — and no, we’re not talking about a new Pixel smartphone. The company recently announced it was going to begin migrating sites that follow best practices for mobile-first indexing, a decision that [...]

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